Are Female Condoms Effective?

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Women often forget that our contraception tool kit doesn’t end with pills and rings. A femidom is an internal female condom used for sex protection. Has your partner ever forgotten to get his condom while you are already in the bed with a mood all set? Only a heat of the moment and you may find yourself in bed! And hence, we better be prepared! 

With an internal condom, you are expected to insert it into the vagina before you get into the climax. Fun fact - You can use this for anal play as well. Not only does the condom help prevent unwanted pregnancy but also STDs and STIs if any. 

The thin polyurethane, silicone-coated or nitrile sheath collects ejaculated semen during penetration. When you buy a female condom online, you can see that the condom seems to be similar to soft pouches having a flexible ring at the end. 

If you understood the proper way of using the female condom, it is around 95% effective in preventing an unwanted pregnancy. Before your bae forgets to get his condom, you can surprise him with a femidom with a flavor of his choice! 

Before you get your pants down, following are some of the facts about femidom that you must know:

  • It is 95% effective if used correctly.
  • The condoms may not have lubricants, unlike male condoms.
  • It is an over-the-counter product. 
  • The condoms may not have latex. 
  • Female condom covers a wider area of the woman's sexual organ and hence there’s wider protection. 

How does the internal condom work?

As mentioned before, to ensure there’s optimum you enjoy to the fullest without worrying, understand the correct way of using the femidom. Here’s how you should be using it while he gets it in. You can keep the femidom inserted for around 8 hours and not more than that. 

Since there’s no direct contact between semen and the cervix, the condom can be effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy. 

How should you use the internal condom?

You can hold the femidom where it closes, squeeze the inner ring and insert it into the vagina how you insert the tampon. 
The inner ring has to be removed for anal sexual intercourse. You can leave the outer ring hanging out. 

The following are some of the advantages of a female condom as a birth control method. 

  • It is safe and convenient to use. 
  • You do not have to be dependent on your partner for sexual intercourse protection. 
  • You can enjoy sexual intercourse even during menstrual periods. 
  • It stays in the vagina for up to eight hours. 
  • Even the people who are allergic to latex can use it. 
  • You may try it with silicone and water-based lubricants. 
  • The condom does not make any hormonal changes in the woman’s body. 

The external ring is believed to enhance its clitoral stimulation and level up the sexual experience. Additionally, they feel secure with femidom as it covers a wider area. The use of the internal condom can have the potential to reduce risks of HPC and herpes. Since the condom does not necessarily have to fit in the vagina, the one-size condom works everyone! 

Here are some more benefits that you should know while buying a female condom online

  • Internal condoms are better for foreplay: 
When the partner rubs the inner ring of the condom, it stimulates the clitoris and vulva. The penetration adds to the pleasure all the more as it gets rubbed harder around the vulva and clitoris. Since the femidoms are non-latex in nature with its synthetic rubber, it does the job of warming up the body. 

  • A please for both partners. 
When having sexual intercourse, the inner ring can stimulate the head of the penis while the outer ring increases the pleasure for the female partner. According to some men, the pre-lubricated femidom helps them feel better during penetration. 

  • Prevents unwanted pregnancy and STI  
The internal condoms are undoubtedly important when you wish to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. However, the femidoms become all the more useful as it prevents sexually transmitted diseases. 

Wearing it can give you the feeling of being independent during sexual intercourse with the use of condoms. Since they can insert it in the vagina for up to 8 hours, partners can be prepared for sexual intercourse in advance. 

  • It’s for anal and vaginal both! 
If you have understood how the condoms are supposed to be inserted in the vagina or the anal, you can enjoy it with both positions. When you get involved in anal sexual intercourse, it may not lead to an unwanted pregnancy, however, there can be risks of STDs and  STIs. With the help of femidoms, you can prevent any such harmful infections or sexually transmitted diseases. 

The insertion process with the internal condoms is as simple as inserting tampons. Be it a position where you stand, lie down, squatting or sitting - you can insert it easily. Some find it sensual when their partner inserts the condom in their vagina. A female condom is one of the most effective and safe ways of preventing unwanted pregnancy.